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Why an Access Control System from Asset Protection & Alarms

#1 Limits access – Limit access to control possible acts of violence, employee theft and more. Can control and limit who can come in by person, time and area. Some people might be allowed to go to all areas, all the time, while others can only go into certain areas during certain times. With elevator control you can even control what floors the elevator cab will be allowed to stop at.
#2 Auto lock/unlock-If desired you can have your door automatically lock and unlock with a daily schedule and a customized holiday schedule.
#3 Eliminates keys-Managing keys can be a nightmare and having extra keys in unknown hands can defeat the whole purpose of a lock. Keys are easily duplicated and lost, and terminated employees often don’t return the keys. An access control system takes care of this concern with the ability to  just program them out of the system. Additionally, the annual cost of constant re-keying a facility will often justify the investment for an access system.        
#4 Audit trail -One of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and be able to report all access activity.  You can look on a report to see when someone came in and also use it to know who is on-site during an emergency.
#5 Integration –You can integrate your access system with other systems like your camera system, employee ID badge system and more.

     We offer a full line of access systems from single door to large commercial applications. From standalone systems to ones where you can will have web access control of all our locations



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