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 Why a Fire alarm or sprinkler monitoring System from Asset Protection & Alarms

#1 Code compliance – Work with someone who understands the steps needed to satisfy the Fire Marshall and other ”Authorities Having Jurisdiction”. We can help you navigate through the intricate process needed for you to pass inspections and get your occupancy permit.
#2 Design/build- Work with a company that knows the fire codes and can help custom design a system for you.
#3 24 hour monitoring-Your system will be monitored 24 hours a day by our UL listed central station, with all needed automatic test signals and follow up reports. We don’t install sprinkler systems but we monitor them.

#4 Not locked in
-Unlike some other companies, we install non-proprietary equipment, so you will not be locked-in or STUCK with having to work with one company due to the equipment. Many other companies can service the system which will give you flexibility in the future and will keep us on our toes to ensure excellent service.
#5 Save $ on phone lines – Want to get rid of the expense of your two (2) local phone lines. We can help with migrating you over to the newer modes of communication, Internet and Radio (cell) that many local Fire Marshalls are accepting today.
#6 Protect your valuables
– If there is a fire, limit the loss of your valuables and the valuable time wasted recovering from a fire. Direct property loss was over $15 billion in 2008. Don’t be the organization that adds to that amount.
#7 Lower your insurance- Most insurance companies will offer you a discount on your insurance if you have a monitored fire alarm system. 

              We offer a full line of Fire Alarms with many different types of sensor and annunciators





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