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Remote Video

#1 Over PC or Smart phoneOur remote video services let you effortlessly look in on any location via, laptop, PC and compatible mobile phone whether you’re across the street or across the county. 
#2 Live viewing
- Check up on your kids, pets, elderly relatives, or service people. View important parts of home live anytime day or night. You can view live, streaming video on up to 6 cameras at a time on your IPhone, iPad, or other compatible mobile phone.                             
#3 Automatic alerts -
Receive a text message alert with attached video clip when your child arrives home safely from school. Or see when a delivery is left at your door, or when your housekeeper or contractor leaves your home.                                      
#4 View History -Store approximately 100 short clips of history on our remote server which will allow to go back and see recent history.

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