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Data Changes & Permits

When your system was originally installed, you provided us with a list of emergency contacts and authorized users.  These included names, phone numbers and (secret) passwords. All too often our monitoring staff is told that a person listed as a “Responsible party” no longer works for an employer, or they find that the person has moved, or that the telephone number we have is no longer valid. We understand that things might have changed, but it is critical that we have the most updated and accurate information. Your emergency call list and list of authorized users is critical to maintaining your safety and our ability to notify you in time of need and is only as good as the list you have provided for us.  Also remember all new users must have a valid password.

Additionally,  in many jurisdictions, the responding agency requires an active alarm permit for them to respond to any alarm . This was obtained at the time of the original installation or programming.  Depending on your location, these permits have to be renewed every 2 years or so. We must have the correct permit number and the expiration date in our system. If you have gotten a new permit number or new expiration date, please provide us with the new information.


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