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POS Integration

                                                Connect your registers to your video system
Stop Short rings (items charged at a lower price)                           
Stop Sweetheart deals (charged for 1 and given 2 or more)
Stop Substitute scanning
Stop unwarranted voids, refunds, cancels, no sales, and more

A simple discount of only $3, repeated 10 times a day, can cost you
$30/day or $900/month or $10,800 per year

You will be able to track the occurrences of customized rules you set up. These occurrences are stored in a data base so you can search by type or time, and you will be able to see the POS detail NEXT TO of the corresponding video. This will help you minimize cash losses at the registers, help your bottom line and you will see how the system can pay for itself, often in less than one year. Some sample rules are:

                              - No sale                                                - Employee meal discount                           - Walk out
                              - Gift certificate                                      - Coupon                                                          - Promos
                              - Voided check                                      - Refund                                                            -Travelers check
                              - Buy 1 get 1 free (BOGO)                   -$50.00 or $100.00   
                              - Any Customized rule you choose

How is our system different than the others?
-Ticket data is displayed NEXT TO the video instead of imposed on top. (Easier to read and no blocking of video details)
-Data is stored in a separate data base that will allow you search by text, transaction or credit card #, exact amount, amount range and more.
-Ability to get POS email alerts when the frequency of custom rules you set up exceeds thresholds. (For example if you have more than 8 no-sales in a 4 hour period, you can get an email notification.)

                          Search by all POS rules                              Search by 1 POS rule 


                         Double click on any entry and see the ticket and the video clip.
                                (Is this a valid refund of $5.53 and is that really Ashley?)


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