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Why a Counterfeit detector from Asset Protection & Alarms

#1 Reduce losses – Reduce or Eliminate losses due to counterfeit bills, and check the authenticity of drivers licenses, credit cards, and more.
#2 Better than a pen- Unlike a pen that only looks at and tells you if you have the right type of paper, our machine using ultraviolet light will make the security threads in the bill visible. This will tell you what bill denomination it really is. Is it a bleached $1 bill made to look like a $100 bill or it is really a genuine $100 bill. 
#3 Quick & Easy- Takes only seconds to check out the bill and protect your hard earned cash.       
#4 Works in low light-Great for any area where low-lit transactions take place.
#5 Watermarks- Also shows you watermarks on driver’s licenses, credit cards and more. 
#6  ROI -It only takes identifying and not accepting One (1) bad bill for the detector to pay for itself and get a Return On Your Investment



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