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           Why a Security System or Monitoring from Asset Protection & Alarms

#1 Fires & burglariesNo one, not even police and fire professionals are 100% insulated against break-ins and fires. Let us help you get the Peace of Mind by designing an affordable solution that fits your home and life style.
#2 Custom Design-We don’t market cookie cutter, 1 size fits all systems like other companies. We start with a detailed analysis of your needs and wants, your family situation, lifestyle, and a survey of your home. Then we will custom design a system for you.                           
#3 24 hour monitoring
Your system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our UL listed central station. Depending on what sensors you include, we will be able to monitor for burglary, fire, carbon dioxide, water, temperature, panic, medical alert and more. We can even monitor existing systems installed by other companies. 
#4 Not locked in -
Unlike some other companies, we install non-proprietary equipment, so you will not be locked-in or STUCK with having to work with one company due to the equipment. Many other companies can service the system which will give you flexibility in the future and will keep us on our toes to ensure excellent service.
#5 Communication optionsDon’t have a phone line, have VoIP, or thinking about getting rid of your land line, we can have the system communicate to our central station over secure wireless communication. We also have the ability to communicate over your existing internet connection. 
#6 Life SafetyOver 80% of fire deaths occurred in residences. Even though you might have existing smoke detectors, they cannot automatically call for help and the get the authorities rolling. Let us help protect your family with monitored Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors, Flood or Water detectors and more.
#7 Lower your insurance-
Most insurance companies will offer you a discount on your insurance if you have a monitored alarm system. 

          We offer a full line of Wireless , Hardwired & Hybrid Alarms with many different types of sensor and annunciators

                             Please see the alarm component section under Education for more details about alarm systems. 

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